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Custom wood work at affordable prices!


Veteran owned and operated! Offering hand turned custom wood pieces to add to your home decor at affordable prices. Both domestic and exotic woods.


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About Us

Creative and Cost Effective


Creativity can be costly. Lucky for the customers I serve I try my best to keep the cost in their favor. Costumer service, quality, custom wood work , and cost reduction for my customers are the top concerns.

You want beautiful pieces and a great price


No where will you find these woodworking at such a great price. I do this by cutting out every one in the middle and delivering custom, truly one of a kind pieces from my lathe straight to you. No furniture store, no manufacturing. I order the wood, turn it, and deliver it to you the customer.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed


Wood is truly unpredictable! For this reason I try my dead level best for perfection. What you buy is what you will get or I’ll carve another one free of charge. 



Please read and contact with any questions

Some product May have small checks or cracks. When you purchase an item you are buying it as is. Wood sometimes has cracks within that can not be seen even after carving. The wood will be given time to acclimatize to humidity in a home at 70 degrees with low humidity for one week before it is sent to any customer to insure it does not spit. Regardless of if the product is posted for sale immediately after the product is carved or posted after that time the customer will receive the product only after that time. If the customer receives the product in the mail Crippled Craftsman Customs LLC is not liable for any damages during shipping. Crippled Craftsman Customs LLC will reimburse the customer money if:

The costumer buys the product and the product displays a disfiguring defect before the one week acclimation period and reserves the right to reimburse the customer with a product of equal value if damage to the product occurs before the customer receives the product.

 Wood can be very a very unpredictable substance. Wood always tries the find an equilibrium with humidity. In most cases this will not affect the products listed on this site. Crippled Craftsman Customs LLC is not liable for any damage caused by misuse of any items that are sold.

Misuse includes but is not limited to holding water or any liquid in the product, taking the product in or outside or fluctuations in humidity in your home (which may cause the product to split), any accident involving the product including dropping or hitting the product over any other surface.


No product on this site, unless otherwise specified, is meant to eat out of, keep live plants or soil in, or retain water or any other liquid substance. The products are not toys and are not suitable for children to play with. The products Sold by Crippled Craftsman Customs LLC should not be given to small children as some woods can induce asthma attacks if  chewed on and inhaled. The products sold by Crippled Craftsman Customs LLC may contain chemicals in the finishing process that may be harmful if ingested by a child. Under no circumstance will Crippled Craftsman Customs LLC be held liable for any misuse of any products sold on this this site or through personal transaction.


All products will include either a chained, descending  CCC and signed or will carry a brand with Crippled Craftsman and signed. Any attempt to remove  Crippled Craftsman Customs LLC logo with the intent to claim craftsmanship and sell the product under another brand or claim craftsmanship of the item will be prosecute.